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Products for training and teaching of the dental health practice like teaching models, phantoms or manikins and teeth developed with experience and knowledge to meet the needs of the universities, teachers, students and professionals on the dental health field.


Practimoldes offers comprehensive solutions in the processes of injection of parts and production of molds, we have extensive experience in the manufacture and maintenance of injection and blow molds. Additionally, we offer the plastic injection service through the handling of various types of polymers or engineering resins.

Production Lines

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CI Practident has three production lines to manufacture and market oriented products and services
for comprehensive dental training in addition to the plastics industry and mechanized molds.

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Plastic Injection Service

The plastic injection service is carried out in high precision machines with quality control at each stage of production. We guarantee excellent results in terms of cost performance, in addition to offer consistent and reliable benefits to each of the requirements of our customers.


Mold Manufacturing System CNC

We design and produce injection molds and blown by high-tech processes, either by reverse engineering, scanning the product to be produced with high resolution 3D scanners or based on an existing design.


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